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Wireless, Telecom and Computer Glossary

Wireless, Telecom and Computer Glossary

Are there wireless telecommunications (or network or security) terms or acronyms that you keep hearing, but that whose meanings are unclear to you? Your prayers have been answered. Check this alphabetic list of 2,413 wireless telecom terms, including many data networking and security terms as well. If the term you are looking for is not listed, please suggest it to us. We will define it for you, and add it to this list for the benefit of other readers, also.

For tongue-in-cheek, humorous definitions of many of these terms, check out our alternative acronyms page.

We recommend that you copy only the URL pointing to this page, and not the entire page, as we update it frequently. You are welcome to incorporate definitions from this page for your own use. Please contact us if you wish to license a customized version of this glossary. This license will include regular updates, and can be customized to include your own company logo.

Cool features: Every time you cross reference a term it will be highlighted in pink. You can also highlight a definition by clicking on the word, phrase or acronym in the left column. You can then click on the button below the index to show only the highlighted term.

The search feature produces a condensed list of terms based on a search pattern. Search patterns are regular expressions, so stick to single words composed of letters and possibly numbers unless you are familiar with this concept. To search for multiple words enter text like "(word1|word2)".

Within a definition words in blue link to an external website when clicked and words in teal jump to another definition in this glossary when clicked.



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