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SHA-1 Hash Calculator

This SHA-1 hash calculator differs from most in that it takes binary input in the form of hexadecimal digits (0-9, A-F or a-f) representing the base 16 digits with values from 0 through 15. One 8 bit 'character' is represented by two hexadecimal digits. Most SHA-1 calculators only take ASCII text input. To verify this against one of those calculators enter the hexadecimal ASCII code, e.g. 40=@. Compare the result of "@@@@" on another calculator against "40404040" with this calculator.

The advantage of this calculator is that any binary input can be used, as long as it is encoded as hexadecimal digits. With other calculators it is difficult, if not impossible, to enter binary values or those with unprintable characters.

Number to Hash:

Input length: 0 characters, 0 bits
Output: da 39 a3 ee 5e 6b 4b 0d 32 55 bf ef 95 60 18 90 af d8 07 09