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Cellular Networking Perspectives and
Wireless Security Perspectives

Technical Bulletins with Style

Cellular Networking Perspectives and Wireless Security Perspectives are written in a unique style to achieve our goal of providing concise, accurate and readable information about wireless technology and standards. Each bulletin is kept to no more than 6 pages each month, which is about how much our busy readers like to digest at one sitting. We write carefully, using a few simple words, where a complex motherlode of redundant phraseology could be used. We can do info-highway geek-speak but we restrain ourselves, although we do let a sense of humor slip out occasionally. Useful figures and tables, not decorative clipart, are sprinkled through our issues. We produce the newsletter using a compact, proportionally spaced font that is highly readable. We particularly recommend the electronic version, produced in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Cellular Networking Perspectives  has been published monthly since July 1992. Wireless Security Perspectves has been published since March, 1999. A free sample can be ordered from our web order desk or by phoning 1-800-633-5514 (+1-403-274-9494).

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