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Cellular Networking Perspectives

Let David Crowe Improve Your Technical Writing Success

David Crowe has written extensively on telecommunications since the early 1990s, as a columnist for Cellular Integration, Cellular Marketing, Cellular Business, Wireless Review, Network Cabling and Wireless Telecom. David is also a peer reviewer for the IEEE Communications journal and while with Wireless Review magazine was a contributing editor. If you read some of articles posted at these links you will recognize the quality of his writing. The articles are technically accurate, easy to read and understand, and often spiced with wit.

As an engineer, telecommunications or computer professional you may find writing frustrating. You may recognize that your end product is unsatisfactory, but you don’t know what to do to improve it without spending more time and effort than you can afford. It’s not just the spelling and grammar, often the whole article may feel dull and boring. You may have asked co-workers to read your writing and received very little in return in the way of positive feedback. You probably got the distinct feeling that they did not want to take the time to thoroughly read your article and think about it.

Superficially you might not think that the quality of your writing is important. “Who cares about spelling and grammar? I’m an engineer!” But, deep down, you know that this is not true. Technical people have to communicate and writing is an important part of your job even though it might not be explicitly stated.

There is a solution! Get David Crowe to edit your work for only $50 per page ($35 per page for a second review of the same document). Since most technical articles are fairly small, the cost of this will not be great. You will provide a draft of your writing and in return you will receive an edited copy within one week (or quicker if you need a faster turnaround and we are able to accommodate this). What we return will be marked up so you can see where improvements have been made. Where the reason for changes might not be obvious this will be noted. In places where there appear to be technical errors we will include notes, but we will not usually attempt to correct potential errors, although we may offer suggestions. Apart from correcting spelling and grammar, we may also alter the flow of your document, identify redundancy and make other changes based on our writing experience.

The benefits of this service to you are twofold. First the final product will be greatly improved, its impact will be greater and the need for rewriting will be reduced. Secondly, by highlighting the changes you will receive valuable feedback on your writing, which will naturally improve over time. We hope that after a few sessions with us you will no longer need our services as your writing will have dramatically improved.

David’s skills are not only in writing but he has incredible technical depth, having worked with computer software since the 1970’s and telecommunications since the early 1980’s.

The ability to communicate clearly is an important part of many jobs. Promotions often come quicker to people who can communicate more effectively, and the ability to write is just as important as your speaking skills.


We will never share your documents with others. We will treat your writing as proprietary even if it is destined for public media.

If your document is for internal company review we suggest that you arrange to have us sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This means that we will not just be honor-bound, but also legally bound to keep your document secret. This is for your protection, as releasing company proprietary information without an NDA can get you fired. Most corporate legal departments have NDAs ready to go and just need to fill in the blanks.

Cost and Payment

We will confirm the cost of our services with you before we begin work. When the work is satisfactorily completed we will send you an invoice. Payment is expected within 60 days of receipt.

The cost of this service includes email discussion and explanation of the identified changes at no extra charge. Review of the changes by phone can be provided at $50 for every 15 minutes.

Additional charges may apply if your writing will require an exceptional amount of work or under other circumstances. We will always let you know about this before we begin work.

Document Formats

Documents can be submitted in Microsoft Word format so that we can edit in revision-tracking mode. PDF is also acceptable, we will provide comments as notes on the document. Documents should be in 10 point or larger fonts with 1 inch or greater margins on standard letter-sized paper or additional charges may apply.

We will also review presentations (e.g. PowerPoint). A reduced charge of $25 per slide is applicable to these.

We encourage you to still write your document to the best of your ability. We can only take your document to the next level, we cannot create an excellent document without good raw material to work with.

Contact David

Call David today toll-free at 800-289-6609 (+1-403-289-6609) or email him at David.Crowe@cnp-wireless.com.

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